How to Ruin a Good Ad

Inside the front page of today’s Wall Street Journal, on the lower left corner where all the Tiffany’s ads usually are I found an intriguing ad for a diamond pendant.  I have always been interested in luxury goods advertisements ever since I started, a premium, handcrafted corporate gift company specializing in handmade writing instruments. 

As I looked closely at the article I was shocked to find that it was from the LAST company I would’ve expected to be advertising diamonds in the Wall Street Journal:  Sam’s Club!! Take a look at the ad below:

Advertisement: Diamonds–at Sam’s Club

I’m sorry, but Sam’s Club is known for big quantities of stuff at dirt cheap prices.  Yeah, they have a jewelry counter inside and the prices may be discounted, but you can’t expect someone scanning the inside cover of the Wall Street Journal looking at Tiffany’s ads to take you seriously if you’re peddling jewelry at a warehouse club!  I’m not going to buy a diamond for my wife and tell her that I got a bargain at Sam’s!  Even if I did buy it at Sam’s I’m going to tell her that I spent a ton of money and she’s worth every penny!

Sam’s Club needs to find a different venue–where discount shoppers shop. 

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