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  • Don’t make this same mistake in asking for referrals

    I received this in my email today: Hi Curtis, We hope you are doing well. We have not received any project from you for long time. Please send us your project. Also we would highly appreciate if you can recommend our service to your friends and colleagues. Kind regards, <name removed> Aaargh!  I know that […]

  • 5 Steps of the Customer Loyalty Hierarchy

    In a recent discussion on LinkedIn, Shaun Mooney said he thought the first step in Customer Loyalty is the product. I think that the more appropriate statement is that the first step in the “transaction” is the product, and the first step to loyalty is the emotional connection created through the customer experience. 

  • How Vulnerable are Your Customers? (part 3)

    In my previous blog post I described the current situation:  Now more than ever, your customers are being bombarded by competitive offers and even some of your most loyal customers are actually listening to your competitors. Your customers are vulnerable.  What can you do about it? The second question you need to ensure you can […]

  • How Vulnerable Are Your Customers?

    How many of your customers are being bombarded by your competitors? How many are now seriously considering your competitors’ offers? Last week alone my daughter received more than 20 solicitations from colleges and universities around the country. Some are creative, some are boring, some are promising a great education and others seem to be promising […]

  • Are You Sacrificing Loyalty for Short-Term Profits?

    How often do you make a change that you’re just sure that customers are going to love and are met with dead silence?  Or worse, vociferous complaints?  Today’s Wall Street Journal reports that US Airways is reversing its decision to charge for water and soda, saying that the customer backlash is overshadowing efforts to highlight […]

  • Here’s a Quarter, Call Someone Who Cares

    Some time ago there was a Country & Western song entitled, “Here’s a quarter, call someone who cares.”  I don’t remember the lyrics or even who sang it, but this is the new catchphrase for United Airlines. In last week’s Wall Street Journal it was announced that United is dropping an Indian customer-call center that […]

  • Sued because of a bad customer experience

    This morning I had a rare opportunity to sit down at the breakfast table with my 17 year old daughter and catch up, just the two of us before anyone else awoke.  She surprised me with her perception of what makes a good customer experience! She told me of her experience in trying to find […]

  • If you scare customers away, will they ever return?

    I was reading some research conducted by Harris in 2007 and published by RightNow that said that, “ 80% of respondents said they would never return to an organization after a poor customer experience.” Clearly those surveyed were consumers with a plethora of options available to them such that they could afford to be so […]

  • Be careful what you say–the whole world is listening!

    I was browsing some Google Alerts for one of my clients and found a very long thread on a trade publication’s forum. Apparently someone had asked an innocent question, “Has anyone ever used <insert client’s name here>?”  to which a number of people replied, “I called them and the sales person was arrogant! He wouldn’t […]

  • Customer Service Sadly Lacking

    Mike McLaughlin over at Geurrilla Marketing blog commented on the Sad State of Customer Satisfaction saying, For the third year in a row, customer service ratings are taking a beating. According to researchers at Accenture, almost half of the 3,500 consumers surveyed said that their service experience with companies was fair, poor, or terrible. Making […]