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  • Oracle’s Jeb Dasteel Awarded 2009 Chief Customer Officer of the Year

    Contact: Curtis N. Bingham (978) 952-0047 Predictive Consulting Group, Inc Founder, Chief Customer Officer Council FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Oracle’s Jeb Dasteel Awarded 2009 Chief Customer Officer of the Year Award Announcing the formation of the Chief Customer Officer Council LITTLETON, MASS., July 8, 2009 – Customer loyalty is the Holy Grail for many businesses, […]

  • Seeking Input on Customer Advisory Boards

    I’m writing a section in my Customer Strategy book on advisory boards and have a couple of examples that are compelling, but dated.  I’m looking for something equally insightful and more recent.  What noteworthy (or profitable!) insights have you gleaned from executive or customer advisory boards that have influenced your strategic direction? Send me an […]

  • Here’s a Quarter, Call Someone Who Cares

    Some time ago there was a Country & Western song entitled, “Here’s a quarter, call someone who cares.”  I don’t remember the lyrics or even who sang it, but this is the new catchphrase for United Airlines. In last week’s Wall Street Journal it was announced that United is dropping an Indian customer-call center that […]

  • Be careful what you say–the whole world is listening!

    I was browsing some Google Alerts for one of my clients and found a very long thread on a trade publication’s forum. Apparently someone had asked an innocent question, “Has anyone ever used <insert client’s name here>?”  to which a number of people replied, “I called them and the sales person was arrogant! He wouldn’t […]

  • How Long Before CCOs Expire?

    I was reading a blog post that summarized a BusinessWeek article regarding CXO tenure article based on research by Spencer Stuart. I think it is interesting that the CMO tenure trend actually increased to 26.8 months in 2007 from 23.2 months in 2006, reversing the slight decline from each of the 3 years prior. Could […]

  • H-P’s Unofficial Chief Customer Officer: Ann Livermore

    What is the key to Customer Strategy?  A Chief Customer Officer who is regularly speaking with customers and drawing connections where none existed before. In today’s Wall Street Journal, Carol Hymowitz profiles Ann Livermore, H-P’s head of storage & servers as well as the software and services business.  In years past, she was dubbed H-P’s […]

  • Customer Relationships Transcend Outright Blunders

    I spoke with a lawyer whom I’d advised a while back about how his efforts to reconnect with some of his best clients were going and he told me a fascinating story.  He’s been meeting them for breakfast or lunch and asking them how they’d like his firm to improve and what they thought about […]

  • It’s Getting Harder to Acquire & Retain Profitable Customers

    More so than ever before, today’s CEOs are faced with increased competition and customers who are very savvy and can be highly demanding, which allows them to be more selective in their purchases of products and services. The result is that it’s getting harder and harder to acquire and retain profitable customers. Now, more than […]

  • The Chief Customer Officer as Chief Butt-Kicker

    Louis Columbus wrote a blog post entitled, “Chief Customer Officers: Only Ass-Kickers Need Apply” While I love his characterization of the The Chief Customer Officer as Chief A*%-Kicker, in my experience, that is (or should be) the role of the CEO. The Chief Customer Officer needs to focus on four things to be successful: 1.) […]

  • Consumers Wield the Big Stick Over Companies

    Remember the Disney movie “Newsies” where the paper boys from all over New York and Brooklyn team up and strike against the big-shot newspapermen (Hearst & Pulitzer) to protest the 10 cent rate increase? Well, consumers are poised to do the same thing to major companies according to a McKinsey survey of 391 CEOs conducted […]