Corporate Christmas Letters Are Worthless

I’m jaded on corporate Christmas / Holiday letters. Too many of them that I receive are preprinted and haven’t even been signed. But even for those that are signed, the cards have a generic message and a scrawl. Even those that are less generic are more “me centric” and have nothing about me. Take this one for example:

<I> would like to take this opportunity to wish you and yours a very Happy New Year – a year of prosperity and fulfillment personally and professionally.

<(I)>Thank you for your support in 2007, and <I> am looking forward to serving your needs in 2008.

Now, where do I fit in? (No, that’s ME as in not the author of this letter.) Do I think more highly of the sender because he sent me this letter? No, I know it for what it is–an attempt to get me to think nice of him. There is nothing of value to me in this letter.

Christmas letters should be no different than any other customer communication. They should offer me something of value. If you can’t make me feel like you really care about me by taking the time to congratulate ME on MY business wins this past year, then at least offer me something like:

  • A free report
  • Discount on services
  • Chocolates
  • Gift card
  • SOMETHING tangible!

If you give me something, I promise I’ll think real nice thoughts about you for much longer than it takes me to open a card and try to decipher a scribble.

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