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May 2022


Ten Things You Didn’t Know about Curtis

The editor of the Institute of Management Consultants asked me to submit a brief bio and answers to some enlightening questions that I had fun with. Without further ado…

  • If you could only eat one food for the rest of your life, it would be…
    • Mint-chocolate chip ice cream—my college buddies would laugh at me because I don’t drink and would celebrate by downing a pint of ice cream instead of joining them at the pubs!
  • If I weren’t a business person, I would be a
    • Full-time Dad! I live for my kids, and this summer taught them how to landscape, much to their chagrin!
  • Something I would like to do, but haven’t had the chance…
    • Sky-diving, but as long as I’m interested in my wife’s eternal company, it’ll never happen!
  • The last concert I went to…
    • Umm, my family teases me relentlessly about being so uncultured. Just as long as they don’t claim that I’m unouth, I’m ok.
  • My favorite toy as a kid…
    • Had to have been a shotgun and a motorcycle, neither of which I’m allowed to play with anymore.
  • When I’m not working, you’ll find me…
    • Hiking with my family in Zion’s National Park, camping in the snow in Maine with my sons, or camping in NH with my daughter. Or pulling weeds.
  • My favorite TV show is…
    • I don’t have one, as I don’t even have a TV. With three kids, clients, and a closet with 120 business books I’ve purchased but not quite gotten around to reading yet, who has time for TV?
  • If I could be any animal, I would be a…
    • A lion, so I could exact revenge on a particular client that hasn’t paid me yet!
  • The last movie I saw was…
    • The Bourne Supremacy with my 14-yo son—cool bonding experience to live the action life we both know will never happen to us!
  • If I could have dinner with a famous person, dead or alive, he or she would be
    • My wife. She’s famous enough for me!