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February 2008


Archive for February, 2008

Customer Purchase Drivers: The Most Critical Factor in Driving Sales and Profits

Recently, I have worked with several Fortune 500 companies to help them determine what drives customers to purchase their products or services. My focus for these companies was specifically on uncovering their particular Customer Purchase Drivers–what inherent quality their product or service possesses that makes customers really want to purchase them. These drivers are the […]

3 Essential Steps to Finding & Keeping the Best Clients…. & How to Cast Off the Worst Ones

I’m excited to announce that I’m launching a new teleseminar series for executive leadership beginning in early March.  This series will discuss customer strategy topics for executive leadership including CEOs, CCOs, VPs and GMs and will consist of presentations & interviews with industry luminaries/exemplars. The first one is titled, “3 Essential Steps to Finding & […]

Case Study: How a Small Business Software Company Discovered $16M In Hidden Profits

A software company that provides financial software to small businesses had introduced a new add-on product to the market but despite spending huge amounts of money on advertising, hadn’t been able to penetrate their existing customer base let alone reach new customers. Prospects were complaining that the new product was too expensive or not that […]

It’s Getting Harder to Acquire & Retain Profitable Customers

More so than ever before, today’s CEOs are faced with increased competition and customers who are very savvy and can be highly demanding, which allows them to be more selective in their purchases of products and services. The result is that it’s getting harder and harder to acquire and retain profitable customers. Now, more than […]