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December 2007


Archive for December, 2007

Corporate Christmas Letters Are Worthless

I’m jaded on corporate Christmas / Holiday letters. Too many of them that I receive are preprinted and haven’t even been signed. But even for those that are signed, the cards have a generic message and a scrawl. Even those that are less generic are more “me centric” and have nothing about me. Take this […]

The Power of a Favor

In today’s Wall Street Journal, Jared Sandberg wrote that “simply asking people to fill out a questionnaire in New York’s Penn Station resulted in a 57% compliance.  But prefacing that question with the phrase, “Can you do me a favor?” followed by a pause pushed the level of compliance to 84%.”  Frank Flynn, the associate […]

Unbelievable Plagiarism–Or Should I be Flattered?

I did a quick search of copyscape and found that someone had stolen the bulk of my services description at my business website, Why in the world would anyone so blatantly copy a services description, of all things? To be successful, any business must be all about differentiation, lest they be a Me-Too that […]

Consumers Wield the Big Stick Over Companies

Remember the Disney movie “Newsies” where the paper boys from all over New York and Brooklyn team up and strike against the big-shot newspapermen (Hearst & Pulitzer) to protest the 10 cent rate increase? Well, consumers are poised to do the same thing to major companies according to a McKinsey survey of 391 CEOs conducted […]

How Much Money Are You Burning?

You could employ the most professional and competent sales force in the industry…or employ the most brilliant marketers in the world, but if you are not communicating the value of your products and services in terms of what customers want to hear, you are wasting millions of dollars in marketing, advertising, sales calls, personnel, not […]

Why I Hate Verizon Wireless

I’ll never, ever, ever go back to Verizon Wireless. I had set up automatic payments to Verizon that I neglected to cancel when I made the switch to AT&T.  When I called to ask for a refund, they told me that it would take up to four billing cycles to process the refund.  Ridiculous! I […]