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February 2007


Archive for February, 2007

Are you Undercharging for your Services? Differentiate on Value

I read in one of Alan Weiss’ books the following quote:  “80% of people are undercharging for their value, because they are charging for their work instead.”  How many service providers know what their real value is to their customers?  How many are undercharging for these? In my experience, many large service providers have a […]

Personalized Web Content, “Just for You”–In Exchange for Privacy

In Business Week’s Technology section, Catherine Holahan wrote an article entitled “The Web, Now Just for You” describing how some of the social network/news sites are beginning to mine their users’ preferences to make the systems “more personal.”  Once the guise is removed, it is clear that the real objective is to serve up targeted […]

“The Wizards of Buzz”–Another Example of Marketing’s Loss of Control

In another example of how marketing is at risk of losing control of the traditional message mongering, today’s Wall Street Journal the article “The Wizards of Buzz” (or here  for a subscription version) described how a “new generation of hidden influencers is taking root online.”  The authors and reviewers submitting to the social bookmarking and news […]

How to Ruin a Good Ad

Inside the front page of today’s Wall Street Journal, on the lower left corner where all the Tiffany’s ads usually are I found an intriguing ad for a diamond pendant.  I have always been interested in luxury goods advertisements ever since I started, a premium, handcrafted corporate gift company specializing in handmade writing instruments.  […]