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May 2022


Archive for 'Marketing'

Who cares what your competitors are charging?!

Charge for the value that you are offering A famous direct-mail marketing consultant recently said, “You can charge whatever you want for your services.” While I think this advice is ludicrous, odds are high that you can charge much more for your services than you are. Most people set prices reactively, positioning themselves near the […]

Pencils are all alike, aren’t they? Not anymore! A Superb Example of Differentiation

A pencil is a pencil. You buy them by the carton (or even crate!) from whichever store has them on the cheapest sale. But not anymore! In a brilliant stroke of genius, Dixon Ticonderoga has introduced their “My Hold Right Pencil” a color-coded, triangular pencil that supposedly teaches kids how to hold a pencil correctly.  […]

Thanks for Renting–oh, wait! Just Kidding!

“Cool! National has really gotten it right!” I thought. I had just turned in my rental car an hour ago. After checking in, I had quickly opened up my laptop to check email before I boarded my plane. I was impressed to see at the top of my inbox a message from National Car Rental’s […]

Personalized Web Content, “Just for You”–In Exchange for Privacy

In Business Week’s Technology section, Catherine Holahan wrote an article entitled “The Web, Now Just for You” describing how some of the social network/news sites are beginning to mine their users’ preferences to make the systems “more personal.”  Once the guise is removed, it is clear that the real objective is to serve up targeted […]

“The Wizards of Buzz”–Another Example of Marketing’s Loss of Control

In another example of how marketing is at risk of losing control of the traditional message mongering, today’s Wall Street Journal the article “The Wizards of Buzz” (or here  for a subscription version) described how a “new generation of hidden influencers is taking root online.”  The authors and reviewers submitting to the social bookmarking and news […]