Category: Sales

  • Why don’t you understand your customers?

    The Fortune 20 company I was working with couldn’t understand why a segment of their customers were defecting in droves, and those that stayed were hammering them on price, causing their margins to spiral downwards faster and faster with each quarter’s results. The company had focused their marketing around three primary themes: Inventory control Cost […]

  • Are You Too Losing $100M?

    I was speaking with a major market research firm that in the not too-distant past had scuttled an eagerly anticipated new practice area, claiming that there wasn’t a market for the new practice and associated research. Yet, a few years later, their biggest competitor has a huge, booming practice in the same area! The competitor’s […]

  • Sacrificing Customers for Profitability

    I spoke with a rapidly growing software company last week about their sales compensation practices. Like many software companies, they provide sales incentives on license revenue, but NOT on services revenue. In other words, they want their sales team to sell software, but NOT the services required to implement the software and deliver the ROI […]