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June 2022


Archive for 'Leadership'

Here’s a Quarter, Call Someone Who Cares

Some time ago there was a Country & Western song entitled, “Here’s a quarter, call someone who cares.”  I don’t remember the lyrics or even who sang it, but this is the new catchphrase for United Airlines. In last week’s Wall Street Journal it was announced that United is dropping an Indian customer-call center that […]

How can I contribute to your success?

Peter Drucker, in his book, The Effective Executive, describes the effective executive as one who “focuses on contribution” in that he/she asks, What can I contribute that will significantly affect the performance and the results of the institution that I serve? Answer this honestly (but admit it to none but yourself): Do you focus downward […]

It’s Getting Harder to Acquire & Retain Profitable Customers

More so than ever before, today’s CEOs are faced with increased competition and customers who are very savvy and can be highly demanding, which allows them to be more selective in their purchases of products and services. The result is that it’s getting harder and harder to acquire and retain profitable customers. Now, more than […]

Consumers Wield the Big Stick Over Companies

Remember the Disney movie “Newsies” where the paper boys from all over New York and Brooklyn team up and strike against the big-shot newspapermen (Hearst & Pulitzer) to protest the 10 cent rate increase? Well, consumers are poised to do the same thing to major companies according to a McKinsey survey of 391 CEOs conducted […]

Delegation or Dereliction?

Today’s Wall Street Journal carried an article entitled “Bear CEO’s Handling of Crisis Raises Issues” that details James Cayne’s golf and bridge tournament attendance during the meltdown of two of Bear Stearn’s investment vehicles. Is James Cayne a master delegator or is he guilty of gross dereliction of duty?