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  • “Firing” Customers–the AmEx Way

    How do you “fire” your most unprofitable customers?  American Express is offering a$300 prepaid American Express gift card to entice select cardholders to pick up their marbles and go home.  Cardholders with high balances and little to no spending or payment activity have been identified as high risks, particularly now as card issuers prepare to […]

  • Living Large–Without Power!

    We’re still without power and don’t expect to have it restored before Monday.  It has been billed as the worst ice storm ever to hit Massachusetts, and left 1.2M homes without power.  During the night we would hear horrendous POPs as pine tree limbs about 8″ in diameter would shatter under the weight of ice […]

  • Why Customer Satisfaction Surveys Can’t Help You Understand Your Customers

    I am amazed at how often I run into companies that don’t understand their customers. In my previous post, I discussed the issue of a Fortune 20 company that completely missed the mark in their marketing & sales, and was paying the price in terms of severe downward price pressure, hugely dissatisfied customers, and appalling […]

  • Customer Service Sadly Lacking

    Mike McLaughlin over at Geurrilla Marketing blog commented on the Sad State of Customer Satisfaction saying, For the third year in a row, customer service ratings are taking a beating. According to researchers at Accenture, almost half of the 3,500 consumers surveyed said that their service experience with companies was fair, poor, or terrible. Making […]

  • What happened to “That was Easy!”?

    The Customer Experience is All in the Details. I’m trying to order manilla folders from Staples, which should be pretty simple, right? It was easy to find them on the website, but when it came time to order, it was miserable.

  • Speaking The Customers’ Language

    Another tidbit from Drucker’s Effective Executive: “The man of knowledge has always been expected to take responsibility for being understood. It is barbarian arrogance to assume that the layman can or should make the effort to understand him, and that it is enough if the man of knowledge talks to a handful of fellow experts […]

  • Unbelievable Plagiarism–Or Should I be Flattered?

    I did a quick search of copyscape and found that someone had stolen the bulk of my services description at my business website, Why in the world would anyone so blatantly copy a services description, of all things? To be successful, any business must be all about differentiation, lest they be a Me-Too that […]