How to lose a customer in 30 seconds

Wow. I just got off the phone with Jason at HP printer tech support who has to have been the rudest tech support person I’ve EVER worked with, and I’ve dealt with a lot of Chief Customer Officers who run many of the Fortune 500 call centers.

I called to follow up on a ticket I had opened way back in April of 2010 that had never been followed up on. I’ve spent countless hours in workarounds since then. In short, the Mac bottom margin is 0.46″, and the PC bottom margin is 0.13″, so all my footers are clipped when printing from my Mac.

Jason’s words were: “We don’t have to make printers work on the Mac. All we have to do under warranty is make sure that it prints on the PC.” to which I replied that I’m only trying to get the printer to print to the advertised specs.

“You’re comparing apples to oranges. What works on a PC may not work on a Mac. We’re not responsible for all the different settings and configurations.”

I’m simply trying to get it to print to specifications–this isn’t an issue of arcane configurations.

“Well, you’re limiting yourself by using a Mac.”

Wow. Are you telling me that you don’t support Mac? Full bleed printing works just fine on my Canon printer.

“You can’t expect us to copy Canon drivers. We don’t do that.”

I’m not expecting you to copy Canon drivers, I’m only expecting you to support the advertised specifications on your printer.

I asked for a supervisor, and was denied. I asked for his employee ID number and was denied. I asked for his last name and was denied. I threatened to escalate to Ann Livermore, with whom I’ve had previous discussions and he said, “You just go ahead and do that.”

HP, I used to love you. A lot. But now I’m not so sure.